What do a few of the poker industry’s most respected players, operators and executives think about Faded Spade poker playing cards?


Adam Pliska

CEO, World Poker Tour

“The WPT believes Faded Spade represents the highest quality playing cards on the market. Faded Spade’s values of craftsmanship, and the ability to perform over the long term, aligns perfectly with what the World Poker Tour looks for in a playing card and a strategic partner. As the preferred playing card of the World Poker Tour, we look forward to seeing Faded Spade excel at all of our WPT Main Tour final tables.”

Sean McCormack

Poker Director, Aria Poker Room

“I have to admit. Faded Spade cards are some of the best poker playing cards I’ve seen in my 15 year career. We feature Faded Spade on all of our televised events at the PokerGO studio and during a variety of tournaments in the Aria Poker Room. They truly are a brand by poker players, for poker players.”

Matt Berkey

Founder, Solve for Why
High Stakes Poker Professional

“Faded Spade cards are without a doubt the poker playing cards of our generation. When I see Faded Spade cards in play at a poker room, it shows me that they care about the player experience. We use Faded Spade cards for our Solve for Why TV programs like Poker Out Loud because they are the absolute best in the business.”

Jason Somerville

Founder, Run It Up
High Stakes Poker Professional

"I've been very impressed by the quality and feel of Faded Spade cards since the first time I played with them. Faded Spade offers a thoughtful, modern, premium deck of cards that is unrivaled in the market."

Jeremy Smith

Tournament Director, HPT

“We choose to use the Faded Spade poker playing cards during Heartland Poker Tour final tables because of their great quality and players love them. If you are a poker room operator or a recreational player looking for cards for yourself, I highly recommend ordering Faded Spade playing cards, you will not regret it!"

Matt Stout

Founder, CSOP
High Stakes Poker Professional

“It’s so awesome that Faded Spade cards continue to take over the market and move into new poker rooms. Faded Spade was my personal favorite playing card even before they started making donations to Charity Series of Poker. Yes, I proposed to my Fiance using their four color deck! And Yes, she said Yes.”

David Grubb

Poker Manager, Rivers Casino

“At the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady poker room, we strive to deliver the best poker experience for our players, and we are proud to work with Faded Spade to elevate our room to the next level. The quality and design of Faded Spade are second to none, and we look forward to having the cards in action for all of our players to enjoy.”

Scott Hansbury

CEO, YouStake

"Faded Spade is as much a poker brand as it is a playing card company. Their CEO is a poker player and has brought his YouStake backers great returns on investment. Faded Spade cards are also a smart investment for both poker rooms and home game players. Personally, I’ve been using these cards in our bi-weekly community poker tournament. Definitely next gen and best cards any of us have used in years!”