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Card Evolution

Poker has Evolved. From the Wild West Era to the Classic Era to the Boom Era to today’s Modern Era. And it’s time for poker playing cards to join that evolution.

Introducing Faded Spade - the New Face of Cards, and the preferred playing cards of the World Poker Tour, Heartland Poker Tour, Run It Up & more.

WATCH: Faded Spade CEO Tom Wheaton & Lynn Gilmartin interview.

Cards are Different

- Poker Size, Bridge Size, 4Color, Poker Room & RFID playing card products

- Fresh & modern face card design to better fit today's poker era

- 100% plastic playing cards for world class quality, durability, longevity

- Custom poker index for superior hole card and flop readability

- Smooth comfortable feel & crisp sound with unmatched strength & flexibility

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