Faded Spade Cards Impress at Poker TDA Summit

Our CEO Tom Wheaton and Team Faded Spade presented our company’s story to more than 250 of the world’s brightest poker and tournament operators at the 2019 Poker TDA Summit.

Faded Spade cards were also showcased and used throughout a private Faded Spade TDA-Member Only Tournament at Aria PokerGO Studio. The tournament resulted in more than 100 entries, $12K prize pool and zero cards or decks replaced during eight hours of play.

The famed Faded Spade Championship Belt was also on the line, and Poker TDA members were raving about the quality of Faded Spade cards throughout the night. We’ll be sure to share a highlight video of the Faded Spade TDA-Member Only Tournament as well as our CEOs entire presentation.

In the meantime, enjoy a few of these pictures and videos from the Summit.

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