Interview: Our CEO Tom Wheaton on House of Cards

Faded Spade Founder & CEO, Tom Wheaton, recently spoke to Ashley Adams from House of Cards Radio on their weekly show. You can play the specific Faded Spade poker playing cards segment here, or listen to the entire show at

Granary Way Media LLC, produces the nationally syndicated casino and gaming industry talk radio show House of Cards® which is broadcast in the US on Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and the SB Nation Sports Radio Network (formerly the 100+ station Yahoo! Sports Radio Network) and on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV via the Binge Television Network.

“As an original New Yorker and New Jerseyan, it was a real pleasure to talk with Doug and Ashley during the interview with House of Cards Radio,” said Tom Wheaton, Founder & CEO of Faded Spade. “Their level of professionalism during the process, and outright passion for the poker industry, is a big reason why the House of Cards Radio Show is at the top of its game.”

A weekly one hour talk radio and streaming television program, focuses on the business and entertainment side of the casino, poker, gaming and sports betting industries. House of Cards® radio has been in production for 10+ years and is recognized as the leading syndicated talk radio and streaming television program dedicated to the casino, sports betting, fantasy sports and poker lifestyle.

Faded Spade poker playing cards founder and ceo Tom Wheaton interview on house of cards radio podcast