Faded Spade Extends Partnership with Solve for Why Poker Training

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LONGWOOD, FLA (2/6/19) - Faded Spade®, the poker industry’s fastest-growing playing card company, today announced an extended partnership with Solve for Why Academy & TV that will see custom Faded Spade RFID cards continue to be used in Solve for Why’s poker events, training courses, and more.

Faded Spade cards launched with Solve For Why during Poker Out Loud Season 2 on Solve For Why TV, home to Solve For Why’s advanced poker training and strategy video content. At Solve For Why’s upcoming, three-day MTT Tournament Academy from March 11-13, 2019, when coaches will take attendees through the three major stages of poker tournaments, Faded Spade RFID cards will be in play.

“Through everything that we do at Solve For Why, we strive to deliver the highest-quality offerings we can for our members, and continuing our partnership with Faded Spade helps us to achieve this goal,” Matt Berkey, Founder S4Y and High Stakes Poker Professional, said. “Faded Spade’s vision aligns with Solve For Why’s, and the company’s commitment to the player experience is second to none. We are proud to continue to use their cards during our advanced poker training courses and to showcase Faded Spade in our content.”

“Led by Matt Berkey, Solve For Why is evolving the poker training market with new concepts and groundbreaking content, as evidenced through its use of RFID technology in the poker training space,” Tom Wheaton, CEO of Faded Spade, said. “At Faded Spade, we aim to deliver fresh, new products built specifically for today’s poker game and its players, and we are thrilled to see Solve For Why choose to use Faded Spade cards.”

“Faded Spade cards are without a doubt the poker playing cards of our generation,” Berkey continued. “When I see Faded Spade cards in play at a poker room, it shows me that they care about the player experience.”

Solve for Why is a unique poker coaching experience that turns conventional poker wisdom on its head and provides you with philosophy and real-time analytics that give you a competitive edge. Solve for Why is the first and only poker training camp to use RFID sensor technology for recording and reviewing entire game play. Solve for Why’s advanced poker training academy delivers a framework to think and act differently. To learn more, visit SolveForWhyAcademy.com.

To learn more about Faded Spade, including how you or your poker room can purchase Faded Spade playing cards, visit FadedSpade.com.

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About Faded Spade

Faded Spade® is the poker and playing card brand for today’s poker players and the modern poker era. Founded in 2017 by Tom Wheaton, Faded Spade provides the highest quality playing cards to leading poker rooms, operators, and consumers around the world. Faded Spade playing cards feature a fresh and modern face-card design with a custom poker index and flexible yet strong 100% plastic quality to ensure longevity. As the preferred playing cards of the World Poker Tour, Faded Spade is a brand built by poker players, for poker players, with product feedback from some of the best players and poker room operators across the globe. The company is headquartered in Longwood, Florida. For more information, visit FadedSpade.com.

About Solve For Why

Solve For Why Academy is the only program of its kind currently existing in the poker training space. Founded by Matt Berkey, Solve for Why takes a holistic approach to strategy construction, which utilizes the real time feedback gained from game play on RFID outfitted tables. Poker strategy, fundamentals, and poker mechanics just are not enough on their own. The Solve for Why team applies tech and analytics to the human element, emphasizing psychology and personal interactions. For more information visit solveforwhyacademy.com.