Paper or Plastic?

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This article isn’t about your neighborhood grocery store.  It’s about poker playing cards and why 100% plastic playing cards are the best bet for your home game and poker bank roll.

You’ve waited a long time for those Faded Spade Rockets, Cowboys, or Ladies (see more fun poker hand nicknames here). And you want them to look and feel like new every time they are dealt to you.

Paper Cards:  Rip, Crack, Mark, Tear, Shrivel, Dull, Saturate. 

You’ll have to buy deck after deck of paper playing cards repeatedly at $5-$6 a pop throughout the year.

Plastic Cards: Bend, Flex, Snap, Glide, Strong, Vibrant, Waterproof.

A pure 100% plastic playing card set (two decks with box) can keep shape and stay fresh for a while. Typically, you’ll pay between $20 and $30 for the highest quality 100% plastic playing cards. 

When you buy plastic playing cards, it’s important to know that 100% plastic doesn’t mean 100% equal from a quality standpoint.  Many brands will take advantage of less experienced playing card buyers and sell plastic-coated or very thin quality plastic playing cards at high price points.

While many sports are games of inches, plastic playing cards are a game of micron and millimeters.  You want the highest quality plastic thickness versus cheap thin plastic or plastic-coated versions.  Our Faded Spade 100% plastic poker paying cards have an intentional balance of thickness, strength, and flexibility not found in any other playing card on the market.

With Faded Spade, you get a set (two decks plus card box) of pure 100% Plastic Poker Playing Cards at a competitive market price. That’s because we keep our fixed costs low and pass the savings onto you, the Player.  It’s important to us that we’re the most player-centric poker playing card company on the planet.

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