Top Pair Podcast: Faded Spade

Our Founder, Tom Wheaton, had the pleasure to share the Faded Spade story on a recent PokerNews Top Pair Podcast starting at about the 19:30 minute mark. Listen to the company's origin story, discover who inspired the entrepreneurial adventure, find out why Faded Spade playing cards are different, hear what continually drives the company's growth, and learn about their partnerships with organizations like the World Poker Tour, Run It Up, Heartland Poker Tour and more.  You'll also hear entertaining segments about Tom's personal home game and poker room experiences.  It's a fun podcast, and you'll feel the pure poker passion throughout.  Enjoy!

From Top Pair Podcast: In episode 314 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski interview the Founder of Faded Spade Playing Cards, Tom Wheaton. An entrepreneur who has gone all in with his product, which aims to be the next evolution in playing cards, Tom has made a huge splash with Faded Spade in a very brief span of time. We’ll hear Tom’s story, learn about his home game background, and how Faded Spade became the preferred playing cards of the WPT and has partnered with numerous other premium brands in the poker world.