Four Color Card Crazy

Today is the start of Run It Up Reno hosted by Jason Somerville and Team Run It Up! It is held at the beautiful Peppermill Resort & Casino in Reno, NV. Cards are in the air at 11:00 am PST today.

Faded Spade Run It Up Four-Color Poker Playing Cards

Jason and our Founder & CEO, Tom Wheaton, have partnered to bring four-color poker playing cards to the forefront during the series. Not only will special Run It Up Faded Spade four-color cards be used in a variety of mixed games, but you will see Run It Up Faded Spade four-color RFID cards in play during specific live stream feature and final tables. Tom will also be playing in the Thursday Thrilla and Main Event tournaments as part of a fun YouStake campaign.

It is the first-time ever that four-color cards will be streamed or televised during a poker tournament! To celebrate, use code RIURENO for 20% off your entire order at!