Faded Spade Podcast

The Faded Spade Podcast Pilot Episode Part 1 has debuted in video format on our new YouTube page. Audio versions coming soon on major podcast platforms.

As an entrepreneur, Tom Wheaton Founder & CEO of Faded Spade, has grown his brand into a credible, profitable and disruptive business. He will interview industry influencers who will share their entrepreneurial journey and the successes and trials of growing their business.

As a corporate gaming operations leader, Sean McCormack Director of Poker Operations, has experienced career growth by positively transforming teams and establishing his own personal brand (The Poker Boss). He will interview industry leaders to share their career journey.

Together, Tom and Sean, will strive to create an entertaining, engaging, and educational podcast about business, poker, sports, entertainment and life for a wide audience of diverse interests, backgrounds and beliefs. Each episode will include segments such as: On the Clock; The Grind; Founder Hour and more!